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d~ lonik

We had given this 5 webs to comments:
We cannot open the websites, so it is hard for us to comments on the works.We decided to just give 2/10 because the angelstudio managed to published their websites name.
We have checked the Miristars websites. We found out that this group have a good effort on their works. They have the 5 assignments and each assignments shows a creative works but unfortunately, we cannot understand the language parts because it seems that the computer can't read the text. Anyway, they have create a music and this is intersting. So, we decided to give them 8/10 for their impressive works.
We have found out that this websites also done a good job. They have the 5 assignments and it is complete. They have a good introduction and some animation. Their websites is attractive and we also get some new information. So, we decided to give them also 8/10.
We found out that this websites cannot be requested. So, we give the marks of 1/10.
We managed to openned this websites but we were surprised that we cannot see the page that they created. What we found out is that the page is full of essay and it seems that they have the 5 assignments but without the creation of the websites. It is only can be seen as a microsoft word works. anyway, we decided to give them 5/10 for their good effort on searching the information and managed to upload in their websites.

We hope that the groups that we comment above were satisfied. We are sorry for those websites that cannot be detect and found but we did give the marks for their effort towards the assignments. Thank you for giving us the chances to get some informations.